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Pentel Calme Bakery and Cafe Limited Edition

Pentel Calme Bakery and Cafe Limited Edition

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Limited Edition Pentel Calme Sets in your choice of Bakery or Cafe themes! Each set includes three limited edition Pentel Calme pens. The Bakery set includes two .7mm and one .5mm pen. The Café set includes three .7mm pens. All pens have smooth black Vicuña hybrid ink.

The Pentel Calme attempts to reduce stress associated with writing by having a pen that is relaxing to use. The pen has an innovative leather-like long grip, a smooth and bold oil-based ink, a quiet design mechanism, and a knock sound reduction of 66%. Available in both .5mm and .7mm tip sizes in black Vicuña ink. Refills available.

  • Designed by Miyake Kazunari
  • Pen knocking sound has been reduced by 66%
  • Innovative leather-like long grip
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