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Energel Infree Japanese Pattern

Energel Infree Japanese Pattern

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Barrel Color

Introducing the Limited Edition Japanese Pattern Energel! The beauty of this pen is the ink color you choose will shine through as an accent color with the traditional Japanese pattern on the barrel. Energel ink is great for smooth, dark, crisp, and quick-drying writing. Your pen will come with a .5mm refill, but you may choose to refill with a different tip size and ink color. For example, maybe you want to customize your pen to be the asanoha pattern in burgundy!

The Pentel Energel Infree is perfect for left-handers because the ink dries extremely quickly, which means less smudging for southpaws!

  • Asanoha - hemp leaves pattern available in Orange, Blue-Black, and Black
  • Seigaiha - waves pattern available in Turquoise Blue, Blue, and Black
  • Shippo - 7 treasures (overlapping circles) pattern available in Turquoise Blue and Orange
  • Japan Kanji pattern available in Blue-Black and Blue
  • Smooth writing
  • .5mm feature needle-nose precision for dark and crisp handwriting
  • Quick drying ink
  • Refillable
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