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Erasable Frixion Kese Lamé

Erasable Frixion Kese Lamé

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We couldn't believe this product until we saw it in person! The beloved Frixion series now has an erasable sparkly pen in its line-up! The Kese Lamé contains a special sparkly pigment that is erasable just like the original Frixion ink. The key in is the "eraser" on top, which is softer than the original eraser and does a great job of pulling up the sparkling pigment. Available in 6 sparkling colors in .7mm tip size.

  • Erasable!
  • Available in Lamé Pink, Lamé Green, Lamé Blue, Lamé Violet, Lamé Silver, and Lamé Gold.
  • .7 mm ball tip
  • Slide knock type

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