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Mitsubishi Pencil Corp.

Kuru Toga Lead .5mm

Kuru Toga Lead .5mm

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Kuru Toga Lead specially designed for your Kuru Toga Pencils. Is it really different than regular lead? Yes! Mitsubishi basically flipped regular lead inside out by making the lead core hard and the outer part of the core soft, thereby making it easier to sculpt a point with the Kuru Toga Pencil. You can use Kuru Toga Lead with a regular pencil, but you won't see its unique benefit. Each Kuru Toga Lead case was designed to be sleek, keeping you pencil case users in mind! Each set contains 20 pieces of .5mm lead in your choice of density. Choose from HB, B, and choose from a black, or blue case.

Have a Kuru Toga in .3mm or .7mm? We recommend Mitsubishi's other great pencil lead, Nano Dia.

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