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Sun-Star Stationery

Limited Edition Moomin Frixion Planner Stamps

Limited Edition Moomin Frixion Planner Stamps

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Moomin Planner stamps with erasable ink! Your choice from 12 designs! Choose from Moominpapa (Blue), Snork Maiden (Pink), Little My (Pink), Little My (Red), Little My (Orange), Moomin (Blue), Moomin (Light Blue), Moominmama (Red), Sniff (Orange), Hattifattener (Light Blue), Hattifattener (Pink), and Snufkin (Green).

Frixion Stamps are erasable, just like your favorite Frixion pens. The ink disappears at 60 degrees celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit), so if you use Frixion in your notebook, please don't leave it in a hot car or in the direct sunlight. :) Eraser is built into one end of the stamp, so you won't need a separate eraser, but it does pair well with the Frixion Eraser.

Store your Frixion Planner Stamps in your very own Frixion Planner Stamp Case!
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