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Pilot Juice Up 3 Music Collab LTD

Pilot Juice Up 3 Music Collab LTD

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The Pilot Juice Up 3 combines the smooth gel ink and synergy tip of the Pilot Juice Up with the convenience of a multi-pen! This pen holds three colors of precise .4mm gel ink: black, blue, and red.

This limited release is inspired by what you might see when you look out the window. Taking a moment to observe the scenery, to go deep into your own thoughts, and see what you discover inside and out. Each pen body features a scene that is just out of focus, a window into another world. What is waiting for you on the other side?

  • Available in six barrel designs featuring a window looking out to a dreamy scene
  • This series has been released in collaboration with J-Pop artist Soraru and his new single "Fragment"
  • Each pen contains three colors of .4 mm gel ink: blue, black, and red
  • Refillable ink.
  • Pen is extremely comfortable with its rubberized grip and not-too-fat body

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