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Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen Scenic Colors

Pentel Fude Touch Sign Pen Scenic Colors

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The Fude Touch is a plastic tip brush style pen in 6 new vivid scenic colors for 2023! These saturated water-based colors are inspired by the scenery in our everyday lives that make things brighter and more beautiful. Expansive seaside trips, walking your dog by the neighbor's garden, a treasured box of French macarons, the postcard from your last tropical destination. We love how blendable the Fude Touch are with each other and with water, so you can get an even greater range of color! The flexible tip is small and on the firmer side, so it is great for beginner brush lettering! Water-Resistant ink. Choose from Emerald Green, Dark Brown, Coral Orange, Pale Orange, Lime Green, and Light Violet.

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