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Platinum Pro-Use 171

Platinum Pro-Use 171

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The Platinum Pro-Use has two innovative features called the "snork system." First, there is a spring mechanism that helps cushion impact when writing, thereby reducing lead breakage. This feature can be kept on, or turned off. Second, the lead pipe/sleeve is adjustable, from 0 to 4.5mm long. This allows you to customize to the exact pipe length you like, depending on your specific needs. For example, you might want to adjust your pipe to the thickness of your ruler, or you might want to store the pipe for travel so that it doesn't get bent. The Matte Black body includes a black pipe, something we usually don't see in other 'all black' mechanical pencils. .3mm available in Silver (discontinued) or Matte Black. .5mm available in Blue or Matte Black. Please note: there is a price increase for the matte black versions.

  • Snork System: Switchable lead cushion and adjustable lead pipe
  • Your choice of .3mm or .5mm
  • Matte Black version has an all black body, including a black pipe
  • Refillable eraser
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