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Sakura Ballsign ID+ Vintage Colors LTD White Body

Sakura Ballsign ID+ Vintage Colors LTD White Body

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The Sakura Ballsign ID Vintage Colors got a sophisticated upgrade with the Ballsign ID+! The Ballsign ID+ bodies have a metal nose and a weighted bottom for a more ergonomic hold. This limited edition white body series also includes a new color, Pencil Black! Available in .5mm tip size.

  • Available in the following colors: Forest Black (Green Black), Night Black (Blue Black), Mysterious Black (Violet Black), Mocha Black (Brown Black), Cassis Black (Red Black), Pencil Black (Grey Black), and Pure Black.
  • Glossy silver clip
  • Matte material that is easy to grip
  • Pen tip is machined metal
  • Stable writing comfort due to low center of gravity
  • Refills available
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