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Sarasa Select 5 Color Barrel Neon

Sarasa Select 5 Color Barrel Neon

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The limited edition Sarasa Select Neon barrels were designed to feature the new neon refills in the Sarasa Select series. The Zebra Sarasa Select is a custom multi that lets you get pretty wild with your customization. You choose any tip size, ink type, and color combo, ending up with a very customized pen. The Zebra Sarasa Select 5-color barrel comes pre-filled with only ONE free ink, you will need to order the rest separately. The Sarasa Select Barrels hold five of any Sarasa Select Neon refills, Mechanical Pencil Sarasa Select, or Sarasa Select Gel Ink Refills.

  • Each barrel holds 5 ink refills of your choice, sold separately.
  • Your choice of Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, and Neon Green

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