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Waai Series Erasable Frixion 3 Color Set

Waai Series Erasable Frixion 3 Color Set

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Introducing Pilot's latest 2023 Frixion release, the Waai series. Featuring stylish off-white pen bodies and a brand new collection of colors, the Waai series is the perfect addition to your stationery collection. Each 3 color set includes two .5mm Frixion Ball pens and one Frixion Light marker in compatible colors. Available in six different sets: Velvet Red, Turquoise, Mini Gray, Dry Peach, Cheek Pink, and Chilly Blue. These sets make a great gift for the student or journaling lover in your life! Frixion lets us embrace and learn from our mistakes, and the Waai Series allows us to do it in style!

  • Each set includes two (2) .5mm Frixion Ball pens and one (1) Frixion marker in compatible limited edition colors 
  • Velvet Red includes Black and Velvet Red pens, and a Red marker
  • Turquoise includes Black and Turquoise pens, and a Soft Green marker
  • Mini Gray includes Black and Mini Gray pens, and a Gray marker
  • Dry Peach includes Sand Beige and Dry Peach pens, and a Pale Orange marker
  • Cheek Pink includes Sand Beige and Cheek Pink pens, and a Coral Pink marker
  • Chilly Blue includes Sand Beige and Chilly Blue pens, and a Sky Blue marker
  • Erasable and easily mixed and matched to define your style!
  • Check out more of the Waai series and its gorgeous complementary colors here
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