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Kuretake Zig

Zig Kurecolor WS for Graphic Artists

Zig Kurecolor WS for Graphic Artists

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ZIG Kurecolor pens were made especially for lovers of Manga, fine arts, and illustration! For creating beautiful blends, artists can fuse colors together with the Kurecolor Colorless Blender.

Kurecolor pens are permanent, xylene free, and are quick-drying – perfect for coloring large and small areas with a seamless and smooth coverage. Kurecolor pens are most commonly used in fine arts, illustration work, architectural design, manga, cartooning, card making, and much more!

The Kurecolor Twin WS is equipped with a fine point on one end and a 6.5mm broad tip on the other. This dual-sided quality pen bears a unique, square-bodied design. Each Kurecolor Twin WS is distinguished by its unique color and name printed on each cap.

  • One of the most popular markers on the ZIG Graphic Line!
  • permanent
  • alcohol-based dye
  • xylene free
  • quick-drying
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