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Bande Washi Roll Stickers - Kalo

Bande Washi Roll Stickers - Kalo

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Bande Japanese Washi Roll Stickers are unlike traditional washi tape in that the roll is cut to individual stickers. The washi stickers are removable, which means that you can easily stick it on, unpeel it, and move it to a different spot—an especially convenient feature when marking ever-changing schedules. These animal and perfume stickers with designs by kalo are perfect for adding some femininity to your journal pages! This roll of 200 washi tape stickers includes 13 different designs.

  • Product size: Height 1cm or smaller x Width 2cm or smaller
  • 200 washi stickers per roll: 13 designs X 15 (or 16, depending on the design) stickers each
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