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Erasable Frixion Ball Knock Zone

Erasable Frixion Ball Knock Zone

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The popular erasable Frixion is now available with a new ink option that provides darker ink and a refill with more ink capacity, solving two of the commonly requested improvement features for the Frixion Ball series. The bodies are also new in design. They feature gray and black "erasers", a new stabalizing pen tip "holder" for stable gripping, and a more quiet knock mechanism.

  • .5mm available in five barrel colors: Neutral Clear, Beige, Pink, Midnight Navy, and Black.
  • .7mm available in three barrel colors: Neutral Clear, Midnight Navy, and Black.
  • Premium Frixion Black ink is 70% deeper than original Frixion ink
  • Premium Frixion ink refill holds 70% more than original Frixion refills
  • New Ink is Refillable, with packs that include all 3 colors!
  • Comfortable grip
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