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Erasable Frixion Ball Slim

Erasable Frixion Ball Slim

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The Frixion Ball Slim is for those of you who love Pilot's Erasable Frixion line, but want a thinner pen body. This pen also has a slide lever to extend the tip, so no caps to get lost. We love that these take up less room in your pen case, allowing you to carry more options! Like all other pens in this line, this pen actually erases! It is not like the erasable pens you remember from middle school.

  • Pen ink color available in 19 colors: Baby Pink, Rose Pink, Coral Pink, Pink, Red, Wine Red, Honey Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Green, Forest Green, Light Blue, Sky Blue, Blue, Blue Black, Violet, Purple, Brown, and Black.
  • Tip size is .38 mm
  • Erasable!
  • Slide lever knock-type
  • Three pack of refills
  • Single refills

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