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FureFure Super Grip

FureFure Super Grip

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Barrel Color

The Pilot FureFure Supergrip advances your lead with a spring assisted shaking motion and a sophisticated mechanism that is simple to use and fascinating to watch. The transparent body of this pencil acts as a window to the advancement mechanism so you can watch the spring and weight manipulate your lead. The 2020 Supergrip responds only to deliberate shakes so that accidental rocking and normal writing don't trigger unwanted lead length.

A built-in eraser comes in handy for correcting your writing. The eraser is plastic which means no smears or paper damage, and a plastic cap protects the eraser when not in use.

The 2020 Supergrip also sports a click top for traditional lead advancement and for retracting the lead. Frosted white grips highlight the vivid barrel colors.

Please note: Some colors may no longer be available.

  • Shaker pencil for fun, accurate advancement
  • Clear Pink, Clear Orange, Clear Light Green, and Clear Light Blue
  • .5 lead for precision and strength
  • Refillable eraser beneath cap
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