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HD-10D Pearly Stapler

HD-10D Pearly Stapler

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For those of us deep in the world of paper, a stapler is an essential tool. Whether you're a teacher, student, or simply love organization, the Pearly stapler is the perfect addition to your desk. The Pearly Stapler is made with biomass plastics and designed for longevity, making it sustainable for you and the Earth. Biomass plastic is a plastic that uses renewable organic resources such as plants and raw materials. Earth-friendly and beautiful with a pearlescent plastic cover in three soft colors! It can also be safely hung on the wall so it doesn't take up precious desk space. Your choice of Pearly Gray, Pearly Pink, and Pearly Blue. This stapler can hold up to 100 #10 staples. Please note: #10 staples are smaller than standard size staples. The stapler does NOT come pre-filled with staples.

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