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i+ Three Color Shell Crayon Shin-Chan

i+ Three Color Shell Crayon Shin-Chan

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Barrel Color

The Pentel i+ Three Color Shell holds any Sliccies refill, i+ Energel refill, or i+ Vicuna refill in the i+ series. Choose from four limited edition body designs: Pink Unicorn Shin-Chan, Purple Sweets Shin-Chan, Green Oyasumi Shin-Chan, and Blue Sky Shin-Chan. Please note: This pen is just a barrel. Ink colors are selected separately at the link provided above.

  • Each barrel can hold 3 refills.
  • Easily refillable.
  • Ink colors can be seen through the clear part of the bottom barrel
  • Top of pen has a place to hold your favorite cell phone jack style phone charms!

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