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Kokuyo Cabaco Tool Pen Case

Kokuyo Cabaco Tool Pen Case

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For so many pen lovers, pens and stationery are our tools of creative expression; they are how we interact and interpret the world around us. So naturally, a pen case is much like a pen lover's toolbox. Kokuyo has created the Cabaco Tool pen case with that in mind. The Cabaco large capacity pen case opens wide and features several pockets and sections for optimal organization. In addition to the main storage space, there are 3 partitions and a mesh pocket with a zipper, making it easy to access small items such as erasers and sticky notes. The Cabaco can be propped open to act as a desk organizer on the go; a cleverly placed loop with a metal snap fastener can be affixed to the "door" of the case and will stay open as you work. Featuring a comfortable handle on the exterior so you can carry it just like a toolbox! The Cabaco can hold approximately 20 pens and accessories for all your stationery needs. Your choice of Black, Navy, or Gray.

  • Polyester outer and inner with matching interior lining color
  • Pen case open nicely on your desktop so you can clearly see your tools while you work
  • Holds approximately 20 pens and stationery items
  • External dimensions: W215mm x D45mm x H100mm
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