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Kokuyo Mark+ Two Way Highlighter - Fineliner

Kokuyo Mark+ Two Way Highlighter - Fineliner

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Kokuyo's new Mark+ Two-Way is a fantastic new double-ended highlighter. There is a traditional chisel-tipped highlighter at one end and a fineliner at the other. Efficiently color code your most important notes with this handy marker.

The monocolor versions have the same color of highlighter and fine liner, whereas the gray tones have a grayish color on the fineliner side, such as pink highlighter with a pink-gray fineliner. These are very unique, especially the gray tone options!

  • Monotone Colors: Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple
  • Color + Gray Combos: Pink/Pink-Gray, Yellow/Yellow-Gray, Green/Green-Gray, Blue/Blue-Gray, Purple/Purple-Gray
  • 5 Color Sets also available.
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