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Kokuyo Mococo Pen Case

Kokuyo Mococo Pen Case

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Give your pens a cozy place to rest and be at your side with the super soft and fluffy Kokuyo Mococo pen case! The interior and exterior have a quilted plush texture that is both cute and sensory friendly. Each case features one large zippered compartment with a gray lining. We love that the Mococo pen case can open a full 180 degrees so you are able to both see and have all of your items at your fingertips. This case can comfortably hold approximately 12 average sized pens, pencils, and stationery needs. Choose from Marshmallow White, Plush Pink, and Soft Blue.

  • Clam shell-like zipper allows the Mococo to open 180 degrees and lay flat
  • Dimensions: W180mm x D70mm x H100mm
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