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Kokuyo Sooofa Soft Ring B6 LTD Designs

Kokuyo Sooofa Soft Ring B6 LTD Designs

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Kokuyo Soofa Soft Ring B6 notebook was designed to be great for both work and leisure. Pages are 4mm grid and perforated for clean tear-out. 80 sheets per notebook. Soft plastic front and back with an elastic closure band and a storage pocket at the back of the notebook. The Soft Ring gets its name because of the soft resin rings that make this an innovative product. Japanese B6 notebook size measures 5 3/4" X 7 1/4".

  • Your choice of limited edition cover design: Green, Blue, and Peach Pink.
  • 4mm grid ruling
  • 80 sheets (160 pages) per notebook
  • Soft plastic covers with elastic closure
  • Innovative resin soft rings
  • Notch on front cover for pen
  • Pocket in back cover for paper sheets or stickers
  • Perforated sheets for easy tear-out.
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