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Limited Edition Sanrio Mildliner 5 Color Set

Limited Edition Sanrio Mildliner 5 Color Set

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Zebra is celebrating its 15th anniversary of the Mildliner, and have enlisted some very familiar and friendly faces to celebrate. Put your party hats on with Hello Kitty and friends! Limited Edition Sanrio MildLiners featuring favorites like Cinnamoroll, Little Twin Stars, and Miss Kitty herself. The colors are those found in the Natural and Gentle color sets. Choose your favorite hues, or collect all ten!

  • Gentle Colors include: Mild Baby Pink Pochacco, Mild Sherbet Yellow Cinnamoroll, Mild Honey Orange Pompompurin, Mild Soda Blue Tuxedo Sam, and Mild Lilac Kuromi.
  • Natural Colors include: Mild Dusty Pink My Melody, Mild Cream Little Twin Stars, Mild Beige Hello Kitty, Mild Olive Hangyodon, and Mild Cool Gray Badtz-Maru.
  • MildLiners are dual ended muted color highlighters with a round end and a wedge end.
  • Individual Mildliners also available
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