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Maruman Session Loose Leaf Binder B5

Maruman Session Loose Leaf Binder B5

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The Maruman Session Loose Leaf Binder B5 is a ring binder system for carrying B5 loose leaf paper. The binder includes 10 tabs for a 2 step 5 index system for you to customize. The binder can lay open wide and flat, or you can fold back the cover like a ring notebook. Either way, the notebook lays flat and provides for a comfortable writing surface. The Maruman Session Loose Leaf Binder also includes five sheets of loose leaf paper to get you started, and a clear slip pocket. The translucent cover colors with white accents make this a subtle option for both school and office.

  • B5 Ring, Cover, and Index System for Loose Leaf Paper
  • Compatible with our Kokuyo Campus B5 Loose Leaf Lined Paper and Maruman Loose Leaf Paper
  • 10 Tabbed Index sheets with a 5 section 2 Step approach, one clear pocket, and 5 sheets of lined paper included to get you started
  • Your choice of Cherry Blossom Pink, Gradient Lemon Soda, Sky Blue, and Gradient Sunset.
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