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Midori Chiratto Page Tabs Small

Midori Chiratto Page Tabs Small

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Midori made your favorite page tabs in a smaller size! These wrap-around Chiratto Page Tabs are a perfect way to subtly mark pages in your notebook or textbook so that you can refer back to them later. Each set includes 48 tabs. Your choice of 24 Vivid Colors, Pink Gradient, Blue Gradient, or Colorful Number Tabs.

The 24 Colorful Tabs allow you to organize by color or simply add a splash of color for sections you want to remember, and the Colorful Number Tabs, Pink Gradient, and Blue Gradient include numbers 1-12 for easy monthly organization.

  • Each package contains forty-eight (48) individual flags
  • The portion of the flag that attaches to the page is transparent to ensure nothing is covered.
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