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Midori Clip Ruler Stencil

Midori Clip Ruler Stencil

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The Midori Clip Ruler with Icon Stencil is a superfine (.3mm) 3-in-1 tool made from copper and stainless steel. Use the clip for marking pages in your notebook or planner, the ruler for lines and measurement, and the icon stencils for bullet journaling. This is a truly useful tool that is also beautiful!

Please note: Some designs my no longer be available.

  • Your choice of copper, stainless steel, or brass (gold color).
  • 30 icon stencils on the copper and stainless steel options
  • Brass (gold color) options in cat design and decorative
  • Wavy and straight line stencils on the copper and stainless steel options
  • Straight line stencils on the brass (gold) options
  • A fine .3mm doesn't add bulk to your books and notebooks
  • Works best with pens .5mm and finer
  • Clips to the top or side of the page, and lays flat to use as a stencil or ruler
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