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Midori Mesh Pen Case

Midori Mesh Pen Case

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The Midori Mesh Pen Case will fit at least eight average size writing implements. It's a compact portable size, while still allowing you room to carry a significant number of your favorites due to its gusseting! The shape also allows for handy extras like your favorite correction tape, eraser, or lead. See-through mesh means easier access to all of your favorite tools. This case is super light, so you can corral all those pens floating around inside your bag, without having to carry around a bunch of extra weight. We find these to be super handy.

  • Available in pink, blue, gray, and black
  • One 2 1/4" X 7" zipped compartment, with a gusseted belly big enough for a handful of pens and extra supplies
  • See-through design allows at-a-glance supply assessment
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