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Midori Ring Memo Patto

Midori Ring Memo Patto

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Introducing Midori's Ring Memo Patto. This handy reporter with double binding received the 2020 Good Design Award. The unique hybrid double binding allows the notebook to stay tidier over its lifetime, and it also allows for a more comfortable write for quick note takers. Midori's popular MD paper with a small 2.5mm grid is used for comfortable writing and diagramming. We love it!

  • Left side has glued tearable binding, and the top is ring bound like a traditional reporter. Paper is more secure while you're writing compared to a traditional reporter.
  • 2020 recipient of Good Design award
  • 2.5mm Grid; White Paper
  • H128×W76×D15mm
  • 80 sheets
  • Black and White are standard colors: Pink, Orange, Gray and Navy are limited edition colors
  • Plastic Cover
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