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Mitsubishi Pencil Corp.

Mitsubishi Emott 10 Color Set

Mitsubishi Emott 10 Color Set

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Mitsubishi brings you the latest amazing color fine liner, the Emott Ever Fine. These ten color sets are available in three carefully curated color schemes: Set 1 includes Vivid Colors, Set 2 includes Natural and Floral Colors, and Set 3 includes Vintage and Retro Colors. The Mitsubishi Emott Ever Fine is a durable plastic tip fine liner in .4mm tip size. Emott ink is water-based and water-resistant. You will not experience bleeding or smearing with most paper. Each ten color set includes a minimalistic plastic case that keeps your set together if you're throwing them in your bag, and even props them up when you're using them!

  • .4mm durable plastic tip
  • Water-based, water resistant
  • No bleeding or smearing with most paper
  • Minimalistic design sleek white case
  • Pen body is a rounded square shape that is easy to hold
  • Also available as individuals and 5 Color Sets.
  • Set 1 Colors: Black, Brown, Orange, Red, Pink, Fuchsia, Blue, Green, Light Green, and Yellow.
  • Set 2 Colors: Gray, Beige, Light Orange, Coral Pink, Light Pink, Baby Pink, Light Violet, Sky Blue, Light Blue, and Emerald Green.
  • Set 3 Colors: Gray, Dark Brown, Khaki Green, Violet, Amethyst, Red Wine, Iris Purple, Blue Green, Apple Green, and Straw Yellow.
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