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Mitsubishi Pencil Corp.

Mitsubishi Emott Pencil Set

Mitsubishi Emott Pencil Set

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Inspiration can come from anywhere. When your pen or pencil is a work of art all on its own, the inspiration can be literally connecting your hand to the page.

These sturdy mechanical pencils come with .9mm erasable colored lead in innovative color palettes, including Refresh, Tropical, and Nostalgic. Each set comes with an understated stand to keep your pencils and lead secure, accessible, and ready for use.

  • Each set includes 4 colored pencils, 8 lead refills, and a minimalist holder for the set
  • Number 1 Refresh: Light Blue, Green, Violet, and Red
  • Number 2 Tropical: Light Pink, Light Green, Orange, Fuchsia
  • Number 3 Nostalgic: Blue Black, Khaki Green, Vermillion, and Yellow
  • Erasable colored lead
  • Refill lead sets also available
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