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Tombow Mono Graph Fine

Tombow Mono Graph Fine

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Tombow Mono Graph Fine mechanical pencil is a sophisticated pencil that combines classic Mono Graph qualities with updated design to improve writing and erasing accuracy! The Fine Write system features an ultra slim tapered tip to ensure a wide field of view and integrated grip for maximum stability. Its metal grip has a specialized soft-feel coating, great for lasting comfortable use over time. The Fine Erase system includes the classic twist-up style Mono eraser in 3.6mm for precision erasing. The eraser end is also the knock, how you get the lead to advance, so they engineered an eraser lock. Every time you turn your Fine pencil upside down to erase, the eraser unit is locked to prevent accidental knocks. It's available in your choice of .3mm or .5mm lead size and sleek silver or black metallic bodies. The Mono Graph Pencil series has consistently boasted a stable, fatigue-resistant writing experience, and the Mono Graph Fine exceeds all expectation.

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