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Mitsubishi Pencil Corp.

Nano Dia

Nano Dia

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Nano Dia ~ yes, it really does contain millions of 'nano' diamonds per lead! The nano diamonds make this a strong lead, while the oils help improve smoothness. It makes an excellent pairing with the Mitsubishi Kuru Toga. This is one bold lead!

Please note: The Nano Dia is being discontinued by Uni.  If your preferred size is not available, we highly recommend Uni's Smudge Proof lead (which will be replacing the Nano Dia).
  • Available in .3, .4, .5, .7, and .9
  • .3 = 15 pieces available in H and HB
  • .4 = 30 pieces available in H, HB, and B
  • .5 = 40 pieces available in 2H, H, F, HB, B, and 2B
  • .7 = 40 pieces available in H, HB, and B
  • .9 = 36 pieces available in H, HB, and B
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