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Pentel Calme Multi .35mm 2+S

Pentel Calme Multi .35mm 2+S

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The Pentel Calme in a NEW precise .35mm tip size multi pen with a fine .3mm pencil unit! The Pentel Calme attempts to reduce stress associated with writing by having a pen that is relaxing to use. The pen has an innovative leather-like long grip, a smooth and bold oil-based ink, a quiet design mechanism, and a knock sound reduction of 66%. Available in a fine .35mm tip size with black and red Vicuña ink, and a .3mm pencil. Refills available.

  • Designed by Miyake Kazunari
  • Pen knocking sound has been reduced by 66%
  • Innovative leather-like long grip
  • Your choice of Beige, Light Pink, and Light Blue barrels
  • Each multi includes two .35mm ink colors (black and red) and a .3mm pencil
  • Check out the .35mm Pentel Calme singles!
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