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Pentel Mattehop 7 Color Set

Pentel Mattehop 7 Color Set

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The Pentel Mattehop is a bold, matte, super-pigmented ink pen with a 1.0 mm ball tip. The colors in this line are highly pigmented, and they look great on colored paper, photographs, and even masking tape! We like them for marking maps. There are two bright sets to choose from, Original and Sweet, and they come in a box reminiscent of candy you'd get at the movie theater. These colorful sets take inspiration from comic book pop art, like pioneer artist Roy Lichtenstein in the 1960's! Compared to regular pigment ballpoint pens, they use larger pigments (color particles) to create matte handwriting with no gloss.

  • 1.0 mm tip size
  • Highly pigmented vivid ink colors
  • Available in two sets, Original and Sweet
  • Original Set includes: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Violet, and Black
  • Sweet Set includes: Pink, Yellow Orange, Sky Blue, Yellow Green, Coral Pink, Ivory White, and Brown
  • These colors look great on colored paper, and will give your work a big POP of color! Use them on photos and masking tape, too!
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