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Pentel Orenz

Pentel Orenz

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The Pentel Orenz is the first ever .2 pencil that we have ever come across! I'm so excited about the possibilities with this super fine mechanical pencil. They've taken extra precautions with this pencil to enable you to protect the needle nose tip by making it retractable. The secret to this pencil is the ability to protract just a small amount of lead at a time, leading to a stronger lead point than you would expect from a .2 size! The Orenz line-up has been expanded since launching to include larger tip sizes, too! Choose from .2mm or .3mm tip size.

  • Available in super fine .2 mm or .3 mm tip sizes
  • 13mm x 9mm x 145mm
  • 10g
  • Refillable lead
  • Hidden refillable eraser under cap

Now also available in .5 mm, and Metal grips.

Please note: Some colors may no longer be available.

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