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Pentel Smash Mechanical Pencil 2023 Goal Limited Edition

Pentel Smash Mechanical Pencil 2023 Goal Limited Edition

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The Pentel Smash Mechanical Pencil was originally released in 1987 and has had a significant cult following ever since! This year's limited edition release has a special message stamped on it, 'started, 2023' to remind you when you started a particular goal. 

  • Your choice of limited barrel color: black, gray, or red
  • Matte finish to prevent unnecessary light reflections that cause eye fatigue
  • Your choice of .3mm and .5mm
  • original stamps, "started, 2023"
  • Grip integrated with pen tip for stable writing comfort
  • Lead density display window
  • Brass grip with rubber that fits comfortably in your hand and allows you to hold it firmly
  • Ergonomic low center of gravity
  • 4mm pipe for easy reading of writing characters
  • Refillable eraser hidden in rubber cap
  • We recommend Pentel Ain Stein Lead for this pencil
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