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Pilot ILMILY Nuance Pen and Note Pad Set

Pilot ILMILY Nuance Pen and Note Pad Set

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The Pilot Nuance ink are black ink colors with a hint of other tint that will not feel uncomfortable even if you're used to only using black ink. It is easy to use in business as well as private life, and is ideal for those who want to express their individuality even with black ink. The body has a simple design that is easy to use even in the business scene, and the pearl-like off-white and metal clip are combined to create a high-quality feel. In addition, by matching the ink color to the parts on the upper part of the body, it becomes an accent of the design, and the ink color can be identified at a glance. The fine ball diameter of 0.5 mm is perfect for writing memos, notebooks and notebooks. This set includes a mini notepad to go with your new Nuance pen.

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