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Pilot Juice

Pilot Juice

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This truly is a JUICY pen from Pilot. The color palette is uniquely chosen with shades pulled from sections of the color wheel that usually require combining pens from many families and manufactures.

The standard colors like Blue, Red, Green, Blue Black, Brown, and Black are bold, juicy, practical writing pens.

The colored-greys such as Dark Red, Coffee Brown, and Leaf Green are deep and sophisticated. The Grey ink is light like a harder pencil lead, and it reminds me of the Usuzumi color in the Hi-Tec C line. The Dark Red is reminiscent of Mitsubishi's Bordeaux Black color found in the Uniball Signo DX. That color is one of my favorites, and it is very hard to find outside of the .38 Uniball Signo DX.

The bright colors: Apple Green, Turquoise, Orange, Apricot Orange, Rose Pink, Light Blue, Grape, and Coral Pink are so bright they appear neon.

There are so many shade combinations that you can make from this line of pen. I can't wait to see what colors you put together!

This pen is a resounding response to the Uniball Signo line of pens at an even lower price than some other entry level pens. This click top is great for people who prefer that over the caps that other gel pens have. It writes very smoothly and I think this is the perfect tool for work and crafting.

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Customer Reviews

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tokyo pen shop is amazing! however, this product was a little scratchy.


Purchased as a gift


These pens are great and very smooth.


The Pilot Juice are some of the best gel pens I've ever written with.


I love this pen, this pen writes wonderful. I will buy more 😁