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Pilot Kakuno

Pilot Kakuno

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A perfect fountain pen for the beginning fountain pen user, the Pilot Kaküno is light-weight, simple to use, easy to clean, and sports a smiley face for your amusement.

  • Smiley face on nib (plain smiley on grey body, winking on white body, and tongue out on Transparent body).
  • YES, we have the EF size and the Transparent Body!
  • Use with Converter 70, Converter 40, or Pilot Ink Cartridges
  • Grey pen body is available in 6 cap colors: Grey, Blue, Pink, Light Green, Orange, and Red
  • White pen body is available in 'soft' pastel cap colors
  • Cap is grooved for easy removal
  • Available in 'EF,' 'F,' and 'M' size nibs
  • Pen nib and neck can be soaked in a cup of water for easy cleaning
  • Blister style packaging with free disposable black ink cartridge

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