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Pilot Kakuno

Pilot Kakuno

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A perfect fountain pen for the beginning fountain pen user, the Pilot Kaküno is light-weight, simple to use, easy to clean, and sports a smiley face for your amusement.

  • Smiley face on nib (plain smiley on grey body, winking on white body, and tongue out on Transparent body).
  • YES, we have the EF size and the Transparent Body!
  • Use with Converter 70, Converter 40, or Pilot Ink Cartridges
  • Grey pen body is available in 6 cap colors: Grey, Blue, Pink, Light Green, Orange, and Red
  • White pen body is available in 'soft' pastel cap colors
  • Cap is grooved for easy removal
  • Available in 'EF,' 'F,' and 'M' size nibs
  • Pen nib and neck can be soaked in a cup of water for easy cleaning
  • Blister style packaging with free disposable black ink cartridge

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I'm a sucker for this pen series now that Ive seen them, love the green color

Claudia M. H. F.
Pilot Kakuno

Great entry level fountain pen that is also charming love the EF nib

Kim R.
Pilot Kakuno

I am very happy with the Pilot Kakuno pen. I purchased for my son and me. I got the medium nib because I like a bold style when writing in my daily journal. Great feel, price and look for everyday usage.

Erika M.
Pilot Kakuno

I ordered this pen a few weeks ago to use as a correcting pen when grading my students' assignments. I got the orange one and used my Pilot Iroshizuku Yuyake (finally used it!!) In this pen. I love the way it writes and I am comfortable taking it everywhere. I like the happy face on the nib because it reminds me to smile while grading! Great price point for those starting out with fountain pens.

David T.
Pilot Kakuno

A fantastic light weight fountain pen! I use it to draw my art (I had moved on from traditional bottle ink and fountain nibs because of an incident).
Its great for writing also, definitely worth the price!