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PLUS Keshipon Box Opener and Roller Vol. 2

PLUS Keshipon Box Opener and Roller Vol. 2

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PLUS Keshipon Box Processor is a handy tool for those of us who need to open or break down boxes regularly. The stamp end of the tool is great for blacking out barcodes and addresses, even on slippery paper. The stamp is a letter pattern that effectively hides letters and barcodes. It can be used approximately 500 times. The blade has a lock function, which makes it safe and secure while using it.

  • Choose from pale pink, dark green, pale blue, beige, and white.
  • Dual purpose box processor includes secure cutter blade and roller stamp
  • Stamp can be used for approximately 30 meters, equivalent to 500 times
  • Ink Refill is available

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