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Sailor Hocoro Dip Pen Nib Replacement

Sailor Hocoro Dip Pen Nib Replacement

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The Sailor Hocoro is a dip pen style pen that allows you to write while dipping the nib into fountain pen ink. Unlike a typical "dip pen", the tip of the pen has a pen point similar to a fountain pen, so the touch on the paper is soft and you can write fine letters and illustrations smoothly. These nibs are made for the Hocoro shaft, but do not come with a shaft. This way you can replace a damaged nib or have more than one nib style without having to purchase and own multiple shafts.

Your choice of nib type.

  • Nib styles available: F, M, Fude (brush-style), 1.00 Calligraphy, and 2.0mm Calligraphy
  • To include the standard amount of ink, soak the nib until the heart hole is hidden, and wipe off excess ink with the edge of the ink bottle.
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