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Sailor Shikiori Brush and Fine 5 Color Set

Sailor Shikiori Brush and Fine 5 Color Set

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The Sailor Shikiori marker uses a water-based dye ink mimicking the colors of Sailor's well loved Four Seasons fountain pen ink line-up. One end of the pen has a brush-style tip with moderate elasticity, and the other side has a fine tip marker ideal for fine writing. The 20 colors in this line-up have been inspired by Japanese nature, and the five color sets have been broken down into seasonal color sets.

  • Spring set includes: Wakauguisu, Miruai, Nioisumire, Yozakura, and Sakuramori
  • Summer set includes: Doyou, Rikyucha, Souten, Fujisugata, and Yodaki
  • Autumn set includes: Kinmokusei, Okuyama, Chushu, Yonaga, and Yamadori
  • Winter set includes: Irori, Shigure, Shimoyo, Yukiakari, and Tokiwamatsu
  • Water-based dye ink
  • Dual ended: one brush-style and one fine-liner-style
  • Individuals also available
  • Complete 20 color boxed sets available
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