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Stalogy A5 365 Days Limited Edition Colors 2023

Stalogy A5 365 Days Limited Edition Colors 2023

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Stalogy's page-per-day design is ingenious. A very subtle chart at the top of each page allows you to record the date if you desire, or you can use the notebook freely with no intention to take advantage of date recording. In this sense it's both a potential daily planner or an every day notebook. The pages have a pale gray grid that is very easy on the eyes. Available in your choice of limited edition colors: Forest, Fog, and Scarlet Salvia. Since the Stalogy paper is very thin, you get a lot of sheets (368!) in this notebook. This paper is absolutely great with most gel pens!

When you purchase a Stalogy from Tokyo Pen Shop, you now have the option to have it cut down to a more narrow size. The A5 Stalogy can be cut down to Standard TN Size (4.3" width) or Jibun Techo A5 Slim (5.25" width). The B6 Stalogy can be cut down to Weeks size (3.563" width) or Jibun Techo B6 Slim (4.5" width). Each Stalogy in your cart that you would like to have cut down will need to have a separate fee supplement added to your cart. If you choose to have your Stalogy cut down, once your Stalogy has been cut your notebook purchase will no longer be able to be cancelled or returned.

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