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Stalogy Masking Patches 006

Stalogy Masking Patches 006

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Stalogy Masking Patches are small masking tape dots in great color ways to add visual clarification to your journaling, planning, and graphing. They remove cleanly and easily, so your changes go smoothly. Each pack includes 630 stickers. 5mm dots. Your choice of Tree, Ice Cream, Space, Fine, Earth, and Pale color way. Made in Japan.

  • Ice Cream: Sakura Pink, Snow, Mint
  • Space: Bright Pink, Cloud Gray, Night Black
  • Earth: Tender Green, Turf Green, Summer Blue
  • Fine: Shining Red, Juicy Orange, Brilliant Yellow
  • Pale: Spray Blue, Rose Purple, Sweet Violet
  • Neon: Neon Blue, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink
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