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Sun-Star Stationery

Sun Star Mute-On Gel Ink Pen

Sun Star Mute-On Gel Ink Pen

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Barrel Color

Sun-Star Mute-On Gel Pen is a quick drying gel pen suitable for left handers. The rounded triangular body is very comfortable to grip, and the shape keeps your pen from rolling away when you set it down in the middle of your brain storming sessions. The click-top function has reduced volume, so it's a more muted, quiet pen.

  • .5mm black gel ink
  • Your choice of barrel color: Beach Bottle Blue, Elephant Blue, Whale Dozing, Dawn Cherry Blossoms, Early Summer Drop Purple, Sepia Afternoon, Midwinter Star, and Night Owl Cat
  • Plastic rounded triangular barrel with a soft, comfortable grip

Pleaes note: Some colors may no longer be available.

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