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Sun-Star Stationery

Sun-Star Mizutama Roll Stickers

Sun-Star Mizutama Roll Stickers

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Sun-Star transclucent dot stickers are great for planning and journaling! Rolls A - E have 180 stickers that range from 6-33mm dot size. Rolls F - J have 300 stickers of 17mm dot size. Choose from 10 color-ways! 

  • A: Pale color dots in various sizes
  • B: Morandi color dots in various sizes
  • C: Pastel color dots in various sizes
  • D: Earthy color dots in various sizes
  • E: Watercolor dots in various sizes
  • F: Candy color dots in 17mm
  • G: Latte color dots in 17mm
  • H: Vintage color dots in 17mm
  • I: Dull color dots in 17mm
  • J: Bright color dots in 17mm
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