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Sun-Star Stationery

Sun-Star Twiink Twin Ink Marker 4 Color Set

Sun-Star Twiink Twin Ink Marker 4 Color Set

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Sun-Star Stationery Twiink Twin Ink Markers are two color line markers that you can use to write a single color or two colors together. The Twiink line-up includes 16 different color combos! Choose your favorite set from four different groupings.

  • Set A: Light Blue / Violet; Red / Light Blue; Orange / Pink; and Green / Violet
  • Set B: Pink / Green; Light Blue / Orange; Violet / Pink; and Pink / Light Blue
  • Set C: Orange / Yellow; Red / Black; Yellow / Mint; Mint / Light Violet
  • Set D: Light Violet / Yellow; Pink / Light Violet; Mint / Brown; and Mint / Pink
  • Individuals also available
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