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Mitsubishi Pencil Corp.

Uni Smudge Proof Lead Eco Pack

Uni Smudge Proof Lead Eco Pack

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About the packaging: Disposable plastic cases are currently the mainstream for sharp refills. Students, who are the main users of the product, have made comments such as, "It's a waste to throw away clean cases," "Empty cases accumulate quickly because 0.3mm cores are easy to lose," and "Isn't there a more environmentally friendly way to use them?". Interest in sustainable manufacturing and consumption behavior is increasing as a social situation. Uni developed this product while looking for the next level of sustainability for sharp refills while taking advantage of the convenience of existing cases. About the lead: Uni Smudge-Proof Lead was created to minimize smudging compared to traditional pencil lead. Even when a highlighter is used over the top of this lead it resists smudging. Uni Smudge-Proof lead sustainable refills are available in .3mm and .5mm, and your choice of lead density: HB or B. This lead will keep your pages and notebooks cleaner!

  • Available in .3mm and .5mm and your choice of density: HB or B
  • .3mm includes 100 lead pieces (4 times the normal amount)
  • .5mm includes 160 lead pieces (4 times the normal amount)
  • Check out Uni's lifetime metal lead case!
  • This product is now also available in a half size pack
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