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Mitsubishi Pencil Corp.

Uniball One Fika Colors

Uniball One Fika Colors

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Introducing the limited edition Scandinavian Fika colors in the Uniball One. The limited colors in this series are supposed to warm your heart, just like a real Swedish fika. For those not in the know, fika is a cozy social custom in Sweden usually accompanied by a warm cup of coffee. This pigment ink is formulated to sit on top your paper rather than absorb and disappear into the paper. The result is a bold ink that doesn't fade.

  • 7 limited edition Scandinavian inspired colors available in both .38mm and .5mm: Cappuccino Brown, Mango Orange, Avocado Green, Nemophila Blue, Poppy Red, Plum Purple, and Sesame Gray.

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