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Mitsubishi Pencil Corp.

Uniball One P Bath Bomb Colors

Uniball One P Bath Bomb Colors

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Barrel Color

This limited release from Mitsubishi is inspired by calming and luxurious bath bombs! Create your own spa moments wherever you go with these relaxing Uniball One P Bath Bomb colors. Every pen in this evocative collection has silver accents with soft pastel colors. Take a moment for yourself, you deserve it. 

Uniball One P is a squat version of the Uniball One Feel. It is both shorter and fatter than the original Uniball One Feel. The Uniball One P holds black Uniball One ink in your choice of .38mm or .5mm. Refillable in the tip size of your choice.

  • Marble Sabon Blue and Dot Lavender pens come with .38mm tip size
  • Marble Peony and Dot White Tea pens come with .5mm tip size
  • Refillable in your choice of tip size
  • Shorter than average at under 12 cm
  • Fatter than average at 13.9mm

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